Thanking Bill Simmons

I rarely ever do this, but I had to respond to Bill Simmons after his column describing how much he dislikes his daughter liking purple. It actually captured something very special to me and I had to share that with him. Now I share that all with you:

Admittedly I’m a Laker fan. But I’m not hear to berate you for insulting and slandering my favorite NBA team. On the contrary, I’m offering the proverbial olive branch to say “thank you.”

 You see, I just finished my masters degree at USC and am entering the world of media. Sports Media. I can’t stand the serious stuff. All they cover is the dying and the dead. I want to talk about life and, as your column so perfectly demonstrated, sports is the stuff of life.

Oh sure, you had to slip in your planned demise for the Lakers, but it wasn’t about that. It was merely a tool to brilliantly demonstrate the wonder and mystery of the father-daughter relationship. I’m an only child and becaues of it I have a very special relationship with both my parents. I may have long talks with my mother, but I’m still Daddy’s Girl. And part of that is enjoying the same sports teams.

This next part I must tell you so you know that there is hope just in case your daughter ends up liking the Lakers. People can change past the age of 5. I did. At 5, if you turned on any sporing event, but especially a USC football game, I complained. Loudly and obviously. I was told to either learn to tolerate it or leave the room because one day I would have a boyfriend (and then a husband) and he would probably like sports.

So I left the room.

 Now flashfoward to today. I’m 22 and am itching to one day work for ESPN or Fox as a sportscaster while having my own column. I just finished  my 5th football season with the Trojan Marching Band, my 4th with the USC Sports Info Dept and my first as a blog contributor for Translation? I can’t get enough of it. All of it. But especially Trojan Football. And I’m pretty sure I knew more about football than my ex-boyfriend.

So you see, there is hope past the age of 5.It’s a little harder, but fully possible. But Dad, you’re right. It’s up to you. And she’ll thank you for it too one day.


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