The Annual USC Football Poem

This started as a tradition between me and my father. One year I wrote a poem about the USC football team for his birthday. Since 2003, I haven’t missed a year. Here is this season’s edition:

 The 2009 season has just begun to fade

When USC received more news than they had in decade.

From Tennessee, arrived Kiffin and Co.

Including the one and only “Coach O.”

They came and assembled a star studded crew

Helton, Craig, Barry

And Kennedy Pola too!

There wasn’t much time before the recruiting deadline

Yet the signed future stars they knew would shine

With spring ball came the message that things were not the same

“Toughness and Discipline” were enforced with “laps of shame”

But it was Coach Baxter that taught us to be the hammer, not the nail

And if Trojans played like sharks

They surely would prevail.

Then came that fateful day that echoed through Heritage Hall

When the NCAA made their final call

The media surrounded the new coach and QB

“We’re gonna try to win all 13 games”

Proclaimed the now veteran Barkley.

It was the longest off season in USC history

With appeals and departures

And more than a handful of injuries.

When finally September arrived

The Trojans planned to do more than just survive

And thus they began with a very predictable 4-0 start

But with the rest of the season, came the tough part.

More than one game had us on the edge of our seat

Win or lose, the Trojans vowed to compete.

Some games were lost by a field goal or won by a touchdown

But by the end of the season

Los Angeles was still our town.

Woody and RoJo anchored the aerial attack

While Baxter and Tyler ran the “wildcat.”

Mustain had his moment in the sun- I mean rain

And against UCLA, Bradford brought the pain.

One thing was certain,

No matter what went wrong

The Trojans lived by two words this season

Fight On!


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