About: Stephanie Graves

I’m a “God and Football” kinda girl. But most of all, I’m the kind of person that likes to be like an “every down back” in football; as versatile as possible and prepared to be of service for every down in the game of life. Call me a sports journalist, Trojan, dancer, musician or even “hey, short girl.” Just please, call me over and put me in the line up because I’m always ready…

Be prepared. This is mostly a sports blog. Mostly.

After years of saying, “I can’t wait to have my own column one day” I finally realized the beauty of the 21st century — I don’t have to wait for my own column to have my writing read by the public. That is, if the public finds what I have to say at least mildly interesting. I’ll aim for slightly more intriguing than grass growing for now. Then by next week I move up to paint drying. Baby steps.

So here it is. My first step to being “The Sports Girl,” the female version of Rick Reilly, the next Erin Andrews. Scratch that. It’s my first step to showing the world of gridiron groupies and football fanatics a new brand of journalism. My brand. Honest. Eclectic. Slightly self-deprecating. Always entertaining.

Admittedly, I might decide to audible and change the subject a few times. Sports is life and life is sports, but there is more to life than just sports. So if you get the occasional post of my views of faith or the joys of people-watching at a salsa club just go with it. We’re all friends here.

And hey, if you like what you see keep reading. And if you’re an employer, let’s talk.


  • Dancer: 15 years and counting in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, swing and salsa
  • Musician: 12 years of French Horn, 10 years in marching band including 5 with The USC “Spirit of Troy” Trojan Marching Band. I was also the 2nd female in history to try out for position of Drum Major.
  • Trojan: B.A. communication with a minor in musical studies, Masters in communication management from USC
  • Journalist: Currently working for USCFootball.com (@insidetroy). Former USCTrojans.com Blog Contributor.
  • Shortie: According to the media guide, I’m a whopping 5’4″. But Disney claimed at my audition Iwas only 5′ 3 3/4″ ….
  • Southern (Cali) Belle: USC Trojans, Lakers, Dodgers (in that order)

Wanna play? I make a great left tackle...


2 responses to “About: Stephanie Graves

  1. Hi Stephanie! Congrat’s on your new blog! I’m looking forward to reading it, and your insight on sports, faith and whatever you see interesting in life! Congrat’s again and stay strong! God bless you!

  2. This is so cool! I’m glad I found out you were doing this, surprised I hadn’t till now, keep up the great work!

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