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Cliche for a Reason: Adversity, USC and the Last Hurrah

Writers love clichés.

 We say we like to be original, but let’s be honest, a well placed cliché can get more people to pause and scratch their heads than the most original, mind-blowing, fortune cookie-esque tidbit you could possibly muster. And fortunately for me, sports is full of them. Coincidently enough so is my life at the moment.

You see I stand on the edge of the same precipice that many of contemporaries in the sporting world are right now. It’s called moving on. But not after looking over our shoulders to see how far we’ve come. The art of retrospection is, without a doubt, one of the most cliché moments in life.

The second most? Battling through adversity.

The USC Football seniors can, and did, both. Currently they are in the weight room, on the field, eyes on the prize and head in the clouds hoping for the moment they hear their name in April. But not after one of the most tumultuous four (or five) year runs in possibly the history of college football. And there I was to witness it all.

So it made perfect sense that before moving from my student intern-like position at USCTrojans.com to my more in-depth role at USCFootball.com that I too would look back before moving forward. Except as journalist, I had to capture it all to share with you.

In 2006, there was Allen Bradford and I shaking hands at our freshman orientation. There I was arriving at my first day of band camp, star struck, watching the entire football team on their picture day. There was CJ Gable starting as a true freshman tailback as I started as a brand new member of the USC Marching Band. And again, there was CJ, this time in my ballet class.

3 Rose Bowls, 2 degrees and 1 less Heisman later there is this. My skills, capturing theirs and all for you:

A very special thanks to my partner in the original “Team FlipsIt” Ben Weiss (@benmaxweiss) for editing and my now former boss Jordan Moore (@USC_Athletics) for advising. And to my Lord, for completely spoiling me with the best education,  quality mentors and enough front row seats to sporting events most middle-aged men would kill me for. I don’t deserve this life, but I promise to help others with it.

What? Come on. It’s a post about clichés. You had to be expecting it.


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