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One Moment: Davies and the Honor Code

In the heat of the moment Brandon Davies made a decision to sleep with his girlfriend. That might have been the moment he lost his virginity too. We don’t know. We don’t really need to.

What we need to know is in that moment he also forfeited his right to play basketball for Brigham Young University.

In that moment, days after BYU achieved their number three ranking (the highest in 23 years), he most likely forfeited his team’s probable number one seed in the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

That moment probably felt very good at the time. But I don’t think it does now.

As most people know BYU is a private, Mormon institution. I do not believe one has to be Mormon to attend, but they must at least, out of respect for the institution, abide by the rules, in this case, the Brigham Young University Honor Code.

One of these rules includes chastity.

And now here comes the fun media outrage and debate. Was BYU out of line for being involved in the private life of one of their players? Were they right? Were they wrong? For once, that’s not the point.

If you go to BYU, you know exactly what you’re signing up for and thinking you “won’t get caught” in any situation of this gravity is basically asking for just that to happen. Though I usually don’t think it is my school’s or government’s business the way I conduct my day-to-day activities or actions behind closed doors, the fact is if your school is also a private religious institution then it is to be expected they monitor such behavior. As with any school, you choose to represent the institution and BYU isn’t the only school that wants an accurate representation of themselves. USC might want those that wear the cardinal and gold to be “faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous and ambitions” but BYU wants their students to abstain from premarital sex. As a private institution, they are allowed to enforce said ideas as long as these ideas are made known. Because I was able to find them online, I’d say Davies will not be able to plead ignorance on this one.
I’ll be the first to admit I’d make a terrible Mormon. Granted I would get along with them rather well as I am a Christian and share many of the conservative values, such as chastity, with my Latter-Day compadres. But I love my tea. Coffee too. I wouldn’t go to BYU if that wasn’t something I’d be willing to give up.

Point proven. This isn’t necessarily about whether the school is “right” or “wrong.” Its about knowing what you signed up for and accepting the pre-disclosed consequences for your actions. Frankly much of the press has been supportive of the school actually following its own policy despite it being a tad different that others.This has never been about BYU. This is about one young man and one irrevocable moment.

This moment has the potential to define him as a man. And I don’t mean his skills in…well…you know. How he responds to this will prove to the world whether he can handle personal responsibility.

Or not.

Is Brandon Davies a boy who does not realize giving into your personal desires at the cost of your team is unacceptable? Or is he a man willing to accept the consequences for his actions and teach others to do the same?


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